Holiday Hangover? How To Recover From The Busy Season

Holiday Hangover? How To Recover From The Busy Season

It seems to happen every year — a holiday hangover. Not just any old hangover but one which results from the accumulation of holiday indulgences or changes in routine. Between Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Years, the winter season is packed full of celebrations and happenings. While most of these events are something to look forward to they undoubtedly can come with a lot of stress. Besides the stress taking a toll on our bodies, the excess food, drink, and socializing can be quite a bit to handle as well. The holiday hangover occurs when we wake up with weight gain, fatigue, so-called “winter blues”, headaches, digestive upset, perhaps even the flu. We have a few ways for you to regroup and cure yourself of the “holiday hangover”. 

Start your morning off on the right foot. If your normal routine involves a morning workout, then wake up and hit the gym (your body will thank you later). Nourish your body in the morning with some warm water and a light healthy breakfast to set your day up for success. Experts agree that routines can be both calming and important in getting back on track. After a week of sleeping in you may need to force yourself to get up at a normal hour, with time your body will readjust.  

Drink that H20. Dehydration is one of the main causes of typical hangover symptoms. If you plan, you can drink water beforehand as well as between alcoholic beverages. Drink plenty of water before bedtime and start a rehydration treatment immediately upon getting up the next day. Many people tend to overindulge in alcohol and it can leave you feeling depleted, so consider carrying around a water bottle during the day.

Water is good for your overall being so remembering to up your intake post-holidays can leave you feeling refreshed.

Move your body! You know we are huge proponents of fitness and wellness here at NOD. Even if it’s just going for a light walk, moving can do wonders for your mind and body. Light exercise is also a good antidote because it releases endorphins to counteract the negative feelings of the holiday hangover. 

We need periods of rest in every season, not just after the holidays. Make taking a break and prioritizing downtime a habit all year round, and you may find you have more than enough energy to keep going. Stay safe, plan ahead, and enjoy the Holiday Season with friends and family.