Our Story

Like many of the Nurses on our team, our founder, Christina Dutkowski, became a nurse with the intention of helping people. However, during her 5 years as an emergency room nurse, she found her hands tied with the many inefficiencies present in our current medical system. Overcrowded and short-staffed, emergency rooms and walk-in clinics are a constant source of frustration for both patients and health professionals.

Many patients in these emergency rooms are just there because they require simple treatment for an ailment or injury, but have nowhere else to go to receive this care.

So, they have two options – wait 4,5, or even 6 hours in a cramped emergency room or walk-in clinic, or, go without care and hope the issue resolves itself. Both of these situations are less than ideal.

It was from this revelation that Christina set out to create Nurses on Demand – a service designed to provide basic care for patients of all ages, right in their own home at a time that’s convenient for them.


Get the care you need, when & where you need it most