Chad R

Easy to book and reliable service! Great staff who really care.

Rod D

I have been very thankful for Nurses On Demand during this pandemic. I have not been able to go to my physiotherapy appointments due to COVID-19. The nurses at nurses on demand have come in to help me mobilize around my home and practise my daily physiotherapy exercises. I would have been too scared to do this unsupervised because I am a higher falls risk. The nurses have been wonderful – they go the extra mile with cleaning and sanitizing during each visit which has given me peace of mind. I am very thankful for these services and the nurses at Nurses On Demand.

Megan S

We were burning out looking after my elderly father full time on our own. We never had time to go on a date night or to do anything enjoyable outside of the home because we did not have anyone we fully trusted to relieve us from his care. We heard of Nurses on Demand from a friend and decided to utilize the respite services so that we could have our own night to ourselves. My father’s nurse was caring, kind, and compassionate. We will continue to use these services.

Celena S

After my mother in law had surgery I wanted peace of mind that she was healing properly & getting the extra 1:1 care she needed and deserved. Nurses On Demand came right to her home and assisted with her daily wound care / dressings & basic help around her home. My mother in law was very happy with this service & so am I. We would highly recommend the services.

Alice and Erik S.

We loved our experience with Nurses On Demand! It was very easy to schedule our appointment and the nurse sent out was professional, diligent and a pleasure to work with. We hate having to go into hospitals or walk in clinics so having someone come right to our house was exactly what we have been looking for. Will definitely be using this service again!