Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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01. How is a caregiver selected?
The main purpose of our free consultation is to get an understanding of each patient’s medical background and personality, as well as to address any questions they may have.

Using this information, we are then able to select the nurse that is the perfect fit for their unique situation.
02. What qualifications do your caregivers have?
At Nurses on Demand, we put a lot of time and energy into our nurse selection process. We want to make sure our employees possess the highest qualifications possible and are keeping up with the latest trends in the industry.

That’s why we require all of our nurses to be educated by an accredited institution and stay up-to-date with all licensing requirements and registration practices within the province of Alberta.

We also implement an extensive vetting process which involves:
● Background checks
● Criminal record checks
● Vulnerable sector checks

Rest assured that the entire team at Nurses on Demand is qualified to handle your personal care needs!
03. How is a care plan created and can it be modified?
During our free in-home or phone consultation, we’ll answer any questions you may have and come up with a plan that best suits your needs. Once we understand the level of care you require, you may then select your preferred pricing plan.

One of the things that differentiates Nurses on Demand from our competitors is our desire to provide clients with flexible pricing plans that can be easily modified depending on your changing care needs. These include:
1. Pay by the visit plans
2. Hourly payment plans
3. Monthly payment plans

If at any point you wish to modify your plan or level of care, we are happy to accommodate your unique requests.
04. Do I have to sign a contract to receive care?
Not at all! One of the major benefits of choosing Nurses on Demand as your care provider is our flexible pricing options.

It is our goal to make quality care available to all members of the community. That’s why we provide options for patients to pay by the visit or hour instead of signing a contract.
05. What health conditions do your nurses have experience working with?
Our Nurses are trained to handle patients with a variety of health conditions, including:
● Dementia
● Alzheimers
● Physical injury (broken bones, sprains, etc…)
● Mental disorders
● Partial/complete paralysis
● Special needs children/adolescents

This list is non-exhaustive. Contact us today to inquire about what other health conditions our nurses are qualified to provide care for!
06. How does billing work?
We would like to make the payment process as convenient as possible for you. That’s why we provide you with the option to pay online or at the door with credit or debit.
07. What services can you NOT provide?
Our team is comprised of some of the finest nurses and home-care professionals in the city of Edmonton. We take pride in our ability to provide you with a wide range of care solutions right in the comfort of your own home!

However, while the list is short, there are a few services that we cannot provide at this time.

1) Transportation: Currently, we do not provide transportation services to and from appointments, shopping, etc.

2) Diagnosis: If you’ve been struggling with symptoms resulting from an undiagnosed health condition, please visit your doctor. Once they provide you with a diagnosis, then we can talk about an in-home care solution.

3) Emergency medical care: If you require immediate medical care, you must go to the nearest hospital. While our talented team of nurses can help with basic care needs, emergencies often require specialized equipment and prompt assistance. Remember, we are home-care specialists, not doctors. If you require a doctor, please visit your local hospital!
08. Why would I choose at home nursing services?
Good question! There are many reasons why our patients opt for at home care. Cost, comfortability, and personalized care are a few reasons why our service is so popular. Mobile nurses are able to recognize the treatment and care required in the same way they can in a hospital facility.
09. What precautions do you take in regards to Covid 19?
All of them! We are medical health professionals which means safety is our top concern. All our PPE is medical grade as are our sanitizers. Your health and safety is out top priority. Feel free to give us a call if you have any specific questions.
10. How can I transition from the hospital to my home?
Great question! We love when people are preemptive in planning their hospital transition. A hospital discharge is the process of moving a patient back into the community. Whether the patient returns home or goes to a different health-care facility, it’s important to plan ahead and make the transition as safe and smooth as possible. We can handle all those details for you and ensure you or your family member has the smoothest transition possible.
11. What if I need specific service requirements that are out of the ordinary?
Bring it on! We will listen to your needs and customize a care plan, whether it be for respite (as needed), a regular daily/weekly schedule or overnight/day shifts. We can provide services wherever you need them including private residences, nursing homes, hospitals and retirement homes.
12. Who are your nurses?
Our nurses are amazing! We may seem biased but truly we have hired exceptional professionals. They are kind, supportive, hard working and just the most genuine caregivers. Take a look at our blog to learn a bit more about our nurses!
13. What are some benefits of home care for seniors?
The benefits are endless! We may be a bit biased but we totally think that homecare can be a great option for most families. Visit our blog page to learn more:

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