Medication Reminders & Assistance

It can be difficult for some patients to remember to take their medications at the right time and the correct dosage. This becomes especially difficult with age and is even easier for our elderly patients to forget. Missing medications, or taking the incorrect dosage is extremely dangerous and can lead to many complications. If you or a loved one is forgetting to take your medication or needs assistance establishing a routine, Nurses on Demand can help.

Management of medication is especially important for seniors who are affected by conditions such as dementia which makes it even more difficult to remember when to take your prescription.

Many of Canada’s seniors take at least five prescriptions per day, and those suffering from chronic illnesses can take up to twenty medications. This is a lot for anyone to remember and poses a real threat to seniors who live on their own. Our nurses can remind you when it is time to take your medications and follow all the instructions provided by your doctor. We also help open your pill bottles, administer the medication, and remind you when you are due for a pick up to the pharmacy. 

The proper usage of a senior’s medication is extremely critical to their wellbeing. A missed or improper dosage of just one medication can have dangerous and serious effects on an elderly loved one’s health. Our on demand nursing services ensure that our elderly patients are taken care of and not facing this challenge alone. 

At Nurses on Demand, we aim to help build a schedule that makes it easier to remember your medication routine.