Post-Operation Assistance

Having surgery is not a fun time in anyone’s life. The feelings of anxiety and fear pre-operation can be extremely common. It can be beneficial to pre-plan your post-operative care to help ease any unsettling feelings you may have. Pain management, dressing wounds, and other post-operative care needs are all services an at-home nurse can help with. If your goal is to minimize your time at the hospital it may be time to consider Nurses on Demand. We are fully qualified to take care of you in the comfort of your own home. 

Prior to your surgery we are able to come and meet you to discuss what your post-operative care will entail. We want to make this time as stress-free as possible and for you to feel comfortable with our nurses addressing your needs. The preparation and planning for this will help relax any stress you have prior to surgery. The sterile hospital environment can be a bit anxiety inducing itself, so recovering in your own home under our medical care is the perfect option for post-operative recovery. We are able to come in to your home and provide all the post-operative care you would receive in a hospital setting. The benefit of Nurses on Demand is the privacy, attention, and comfort you will receive.

We are able to attend to all basic post-operative needs. This can include; pain management, dressing changes, wound care, managing medications, and carrying out another of your doctor’s instructions. We are fully licensed nurses who are extensively trained in post-operative care. Nurses on Demand can also provide companionship during this difficult time. We are able to assist you in moving around and gaining mobility safely during your recovery.

Our nurses are very comforting and able to put your mind at ease. Caring for a senior after surgery can be emotionally taxing, especially if it’s an elderly parent. The patient may be uncomfortable and may need lots of emotional support as well as help doing the simplest things. Some adult children who provide care for post-surgical patients find the role reversal to be quite a challenge.We welcome interactions with family members or other caregivers to help teach them on what the patient’s individual needs may be. Nurses on Demand is the perfect peace of mind for both our patients and their loved ones. 

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Call us to discuss your postoperative recovery needs, we are happy to come in for a consultation.