5 SPF Tips for Sun Safety this Summer

5 SPF Tips for Sun Safety this Summer

It’s Alberta’s favourite time of the year. Days are getting longer and the sun is shining brighter! Bring on summer. After spending months inside avoiding bone-hilling cold, it’s natural to want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Here at Nurses on Demand, we encourage it! Not only does time in the sun boost up your Vitamin D levels it also provides a much-needed break from the indoor isolation we all feel due to the pandemic. That being said it’s important to protect yourself from harmful UV rays by staying diligent with your sunscreen.

We have 5 tips to keep you and your family sun-safe this summer. Now get outside and have some fun!

30 is Your Magic Number

Shopping for sunscreen can seem daunting when there are so many different SPF levels. Anything under 30 is not strong enough for protection and anything higher doesn’t do much more!

Sunscreen Should be Worn All Times of The Year

Even tho the sun might not be shining on a rainy or cloudy day it can still sneak through. Plus getting into a daily routine of applying SPF will benefit you come summertime when it’s absolutely necessary!

Choose Mineral Based Sunscreens

The verdict is out! Mineral based sunscreens are best for protecting your skin from harmful rays WHILE not adding unnecessary chemicals to your skin barrier. Mineral sunscreen formulas often are made of zinc and titanium. These physical sunscreens sit on the surface of the skin to deflect the rays. Even better, mineral formulas are better suited for those with sensitive skin, as they don’t irritate the skin.

Reapply Every Couple of Hours

If you are out for more than an hour and a half or two hours, reapply. If you go swimming you should reapply every time you get out of the water. Reapply more frequently if you are sweating a lot as well.

One of the most obvious and notable benefits of sunscreen is that it protects your skin against the sun’s broad spectrum of harmful UV rays. Sunscreen actually minimizes the penetration of UV rays into the skin and the triggering of a variety of skin disorders. Even the mildest of sunburns can have damaging effects so it is important to protect your skin. Applying sunscreen daily may seem like an unnecessary step to add to your skincare regimen, but it is crucial to maintaining the health of your skin and whole-body.