Prehypertension? How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Prehypertension? How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

If you have prehypertension, your blood pressure is classed as “high normal” rather than worryingly high. Still, you’re at risk of developing high blood pressure and may benefit from knowing how to lessen the chances of its development. Here are some ways you can naturally lower your blood pressure and reduce the need for future medication. 

Consume less salt 

Your blood pressure can drop by roughly 6 mm Hg if you reduce sodium intake. Cut the salt you add to food and remember many processed foods already contain added salt. Read product labels to find out how much sodium they contain. Plus, eat fewer processed foods in general and your consumption will decrease.

Lose weight

Weight gain is often linked to high blood pressure. If you also have sleep apnea–a condition often evident when people are overweight–your risk of elevated blood pressure will increase even more. Add a means of staying trim to your daily routine, like walking for half-an-hour or going to the gym, and you’ll lose the dangerous excess inches around your girth. Also, just the act of exercising can reduce pressure, so you’ll benefit at once from moving more.

Reduce stress

Do daily stressors erode your peace of mind? If you are overly familiar with road rage or easily upset by thoughtless remarks, you will benefit from reducing your anxiety. Consider what triggers negative feelings in your life and how to make changes. Also, choose a way of dealing with stress that makes happier. A mindful activity like meditation, walking, or yoga may help. Or, you may prefer self-soothing remedies for stress like scented bubble baths and massages. 

If you have prehypertension, there’s no need to panic. Doing your best to lower your blood pressure is a sensible idea though. Take note of the methods mentioned and you’ll soon see a positive difference.

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