A Day in the Life of a Nurse On Demand

The hustle and bustle of the winter season is amongst us, and Nurses on Demand isn’t slowing down. Between COVID 19 and the common cold, this time of year is extra busy for us.

So what does an average snowy November day look like for our nurses?

Here’s what our nurses have to say:

  • “COFFEE and lots of it!”
  • ” A lot of my time is spent in the car getting from client to client. I actually love this part because I get to tune into a podcast or audio book.”
  • ” Work days are busy days and they all look pretty different. I think that’s what I enjoy most, is now knowing what the next day will bring. Keeps me on my toes.”
  • ” Depending on the day I can see one client or 5, every day really is different and clients all have different needs or requests too. I start my morning with a coffee and usually overnight oats with fruit. I definitely need to eat in the morning to keep me focused and energized for the day.”

From light meal prep, grocery deliveries, wound care, we offer a wide variety of services. There has been an influx of hourly care requests, meaning we come in for a short time and take care of whatever the patient needs. When Nurses on Demand started we thought we’d be primarily giving senior care but things have changed and we are getting requests from all demographics across Edmonton!

Nurses on Demand provides in-home care services for residents in the Edmonton area. Whether you’re looking for personal, relief/respite, or around-the-clock care, our team of certified nurses will provide the assistance you need, right in the comfort of your own home!