Helping Seniors Have the Best Post Surgery Recovery

Helping Seniors Have the Best Post Surgery Recovery

Caring for a senior after surgery can be emotionally taxing, especially if it’s an elderly parent. The patient may be uncomfortable and may need lots of emotional support as well as help doing the simplest things. Some adult children who provide care for post-surgical patients find the role reversal to be quite a challenge. In order to set a senior up for a successful recovery, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Get Plenty of Rest and Them Some More

Rest is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered. If the senior patient is planning on a longer recovery time it may be tempting to jump back into a normal routine. Patients should stay in bed as much as possible for the first couple of days after the procedure. Some surgeries may require even more bed rest. Encourage movement when ready, but at a slower pace to avoid any injury. A gradual approach will allow the body to tell you when it’s ready to go back to normal.

Consider Home Care Services if Needed

Home care nurses work with patients who are recovering from an illness or injury, like surgery. Our ultimate goal is to care for senior patients while helping them gain independence in the safest way possible.

Nurses on Demand is able to attend to all basic post-operative needs. This can include; pain management, dressing changes, wound care, managing medications, and carrying out another of your doctor’s instructions. We are fully licensed nurses who are extensively trained in post-operative care. Nurses on Demand can also provide companionship during this difficult time. We are able to assist you in moving around and gaining mobility safely during your recovery. Our nurses are very comforting and able to put your mind at ease. We welcome interactions with family members or other caregivers to help teach them on what the patient’s individual needs may be.

Keep a Healthy and Nutritious Diet

Once you’re allowed to drink and eat normally, increase your hydration. Seniors may need more assistance when it comes to meal preparations and ensuring they are getting enough healthy calories. Fruit, vegetables, and protein are all building blocks to a successful recovery. Some foods may interfere with medications so it is vital to talk to your doctor and discuss the recommended post-surgery diet.

While seniors can’t always control their health, there are certain steps to make recovery from surgery easier. Prepare for the procedure as much as you can ahead of time. When the surgery is over, relax and let the body heal naturally. As always Nurses on Demand is here to help provide the best post-care treatment possible. Get in touch with any questions you may have or to book a consultation.