How Home Care Lowers Hospital Capacity

How Home Care Lowers Hospital Capacity

Home health care has long been a great option for people who need consistent, familiar, and reliable care. The industry has been life-changing for millions of people nationwide who rely on it to preserve a degree of independence in their lives. We often think about how Home Care can benefit the individual, but did you know it can also benefit the masses?

When Covid-19 hit Edmonton another benefit of home care service revealed itself. Our hospitals, doctors, and nurses were overwhelmed and exhausted by the influx of patients. About 20% of COVID-19 cases demand hospitalization, and what’s more, most hospitalized patients need intensive care. A shortage of hospital beds, shortage of healthcare workers, and the need to flatten the curve makes at home care a great option with the potential to ease stress on hospitals.

For senior citizens or those with compromised immunity, having the option of respite care in Edmonton, could be the safest option. Home health care has the potential to save human lives by taking quality care out of the hospitals and bringing it into the home. Home Health Care could be the answer to provide long-term care for chronic conditions. Senior home care is becoming increasingly popular for those who want to keep their elderly loved ones out of potentially infectious hospitals. 

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